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Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Microsoft Public Cloud

Windows Azure

Windows Azure compute provides a platform to host and manage applications in Microsoft’s data centers across the globe.

Availability of Windows Azure is being expanded to customers in 48 new countries, including Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, and Ukraine. Roll-out will be complete later in October 2012, making Windows Azure one of the most widely available cloud platforms in the industry with offerings in 89 countries and in 19 local currencies.

Microsoft Public Cloud Services

·         Compute

·         Database

·         Virtual Machines

·         Storage

·         Data Transfers

·         Content Deliver Network (CDN)

·         Caching

·         Virtual Network

·         Service Bus

·         Access Control


VMware Public Cloud

VMware vCloud

VMware vCloud® Datacenter Global Connect – Giving customers the power to use public cloud services across multiple providers in multiple geographies as if from one cloud. Bluelock, Colt, SingTel and Softbank Telecom are expected to be the first providers to offer Global Connect services.